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How to sign up

Download Me4U App from any of your favorite APP Store (Google playstore, Apple IOS Store, Window/Blackberry App Store). Click Sign up on the Me4Us App to enter all required detail.

How do I start Chat?

When login to Me4U, you can invite your friends that are not on Me4U app yet, anyone that is already has Me4U app, you can start send message, share memories and money instantly.

How do I Add Money?

Click on menu Tab, to choose Add Money, enter amount to add, accept terms and conditions, then proceed to choose any of the funding source options, Credit/Debit card, Mobile Money, E-money.

How Can I Send money to my friend.

Click on Menu Tab choose send money or click Money symbol on chat homepage, enter the amount you like to send to you friend and type in your PIN/Password, then click send, both you and your friend will receive confirmation on the chat page,

Can I send Money Internationally?

Yes, but first you will upload the money to your account and send to friend on your contact, the money will be available to your friend to spend instantly, for now, due to security reason you can not send money directly to you friend bank account or other remittance option

How Do I Withdraw Money

You have various way to withdraw money from your account, choose withdraw from Menu Tab. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, then select withdraw option of your choice, Mobile money, bank Account, E-Money, Enter your PIN/Password, then click submit. Withdraw money will be available within 0-72 hours.

How do I check my transactions?

it simple, click on transaction on menu tab to check all your transactions history.

How to invite friends

On contact tab, click invites to send invitation request to the people on your contact list, as soon as the sign up on Me4U they will be available on you contact to start chat and send money to them.

Where can I edit profile?

It simple, just click on Menu Tab, you can change your profile picture, change your status, edit your address, upload document to verify your account.

What if I suspect any unusual activity in my Account?

If you suspect any unusual thing in your account, Contact customer support for help, you can open chat with customer service on you help Tab or call the contact number. Our representatives are always available to assist you.

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